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I started this business to help others get healthy and love themselves. It pleases me to know that so many clients are satisfied with my mission and coaching. You could be next!


"I wanted to work with someone who took me and my goals seriously. By week 8 I had lost 20lbs and
was happy in my own skin!"

Jennifer S.

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About G Vision

Discover a Healthier You.

Hello, my name is Alex Goldstein, but many people know me as Goldie. I am a AFPA Certified Nutritionist and I specialize in helping people burn off 20lbs+ of fat through intermittent fasting. The biggest problem in trying to lose unwanted fat is that people feel the need to restrict themselves in order to achieve that. Not with me!

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P.S. I have also worked with several clients looking to gain muscle and even high school sports teams that desired to increase their team's performance. 

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